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Point Of Faith


Release Date: 2002 angleterre music
Format: CD & Digital 

This album is a journey of human experience and is inward facing. It began as one song – “Point Of Faith” that is about belief in the self after great loss and great sadness, a forgiveness of the self for all the mistakes of life, which ends in an awakening.  From there it grew, with each song a comment on a particular quality of the self and of the spirit.   A view from a window.

There are different levels of meaning and different layers and qualities of sound within the music – simply because that is how I believe we are and how I see life. Multi-faceted and multi-dimensional.  Ethnic instruments with strings, East West sounds and multilayered vocals with ambient grooves – underscore the concept that we are all a part of ‘everything’ a part of each other – there is no separation.


Reviewers describe the album as, “...more than compelling, Point Of Faith is complex and powerful while etherial and haunting...” and “Aeone has written, composed, arranged, and produced a tidal wave of beautifully crafted contemporary music for the mystical half of our hearts and souls.”

The album was performed, written, arranged, produced and recorded by Aeone from her studio - The Chateau.   Jeff Silverman mixed and mastered the project for Palette Music Studio Productions (MSP) Aeone and Jeff also wrote, arranged & produced "She Walks With Me".

Aeone was the voice on the score (Lee Holdridge) of TNT's "Mists of Avalon'.  "I Will Remember You Still" (which she performed, arranged, produced and co-wrote) appeared on the soundtrack cd.


Umbra Nihili has been featured in the marketing campaigns for The Shipping News, John Q, Kingdom of Heaven and Swimming Upstream along with the long-running tv series "Witchblade."

Autumn Leaves

A e    n e


Point of Faith

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