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Many Voices

Release Date: 2012 angleterre music
Format: Digital 

Artist and composer Aeone delivers a beautiful body of work in her 5th studio albumMany Voices


In this combination of both song and cinematic music - Aeone brings her signature ethereal voice and sound with a touch of the ancient Celt together in this uplifting album to inspire and transport the spirit. 

The hauntingly moving song and lament entitled “Across the Water” was featured as an integral part of Episode 4 - The World Will Break your Heart - in critically acclaimed TV series ‘The Black Donnellys”, (NBC) Created by Oscar winning writer and director Paul Haggis (Crash, Million Dollar Baby, Flags of our Fathers) and writer Robert Moresco.  


"Across the Water" was also featured in the Canadian TV show 'Hello, Good-bye." 

The powerful & rhythmic “The Imagining” featured in the tv trailer campaign for the movie “Beowulf”

Aeone performed, produced, arranged & mixed the album from The Chateau.  Except for: Scarborough Fair, Arms of Heaven, The Imagining, Celestine Light - mixed by Jeff Silverman for Palette Music Studio Productions (MSP) 


A e    n e

Many Voices

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