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  • Composition 

  • Arrangement & production

  • Melodic themes

  • Cinematic sound design 

  • Vocal sound design

  • Musical editing

  • Mixing



Creating cinematic vocals & music for film, television, movie trailers, video games & records.

The Cinematic

Themes & Drama

The Cinematic Aeone
00:00 / 02:33

Composition - Performance - Sound Design - Arrangement - Production - Recording

Cinematic music incorporating strong melodic themes, vocals and vocals layering, sound design, dramatic hits &  rhythms with orchestral elements.   From the darkly dramatic, the hauntingly beautiful to the uplifting and hopeful.

The Haunting

Mystery & Beauty

The HauntingAeone
00:00 / 02:44

Composition - Performance - Vocal & Sound Design - Arrangement - Production -

Recording - Mixing

Music created using pure haunting vocals, often with strange FX, layers of vocal sound design and rich cinematic soundscapes.  All bring a sense of looking through the glass darkly, of the otherworldly and the mysterious.

The Celt

Other Worlds

The Celt Aeone
00:00 / 03:28

Composition - Performance - Sound Design - Arrangement - Production - Recording - Mixing

A call to prayer, the sound of the ancients - with a touch of the Celt - dramatic, poignant, otherworldly and up-lifting heart themes.      Created with hauntingly beautiful vocals, vocal layering and tribal calls alongside rich textures of sound design, cinematic drama, world and orchestral elements and organic rhythms and hits.  


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