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  • Remote recording & performing, engineering vocals for scores

  • Interpreting themes with single or layered vocals

  • Vocal arrangements of themes

  • Fine-tuning and editing recorded vocals

  • Full vocal mix with panning, volume moves & FX (if needed)

  • Delivered in stems for easy placement into mix​





Aeone VoiceoverAeone
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British born Aeone is best known for her smooth, sophisticated tone and precise articulation. Received Pronunciation.  She has worked in the voiceover industry for over 20 years and her client list includes Mattel, BBC America, BBC UK, Citibank, Google, Warner Bros, USA to name but a few.


Aeone voiced the LeBron James commercial for Dr Dre Beats, narrated the DVD box set release for 200th anniversary of Jane Austen’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’, was the voice of Rod Stewart’s new cd - UK TV campaign, Red Bull’s ‘Harlem Shake’ commercial, she voiced the only 3 characters plus Trailer for acclaimed video game ‘The Swapper’, voice of Google-Tate Gallery UK internet and museum campaign, voice of Wicked Queen for Ideal Image campaign and was even the voice for an ‘ATM’ machine and the UK Stock Exchange for Citibank.


Aeone was also the voice for the multi-million $ campaign to regenerate the Etowah River in Canton, GA. She has worked on numerous commercials, narration and spoken word on records and children’s audio books, dubbing for movies, online training, telephone prompts and greetings.


Aeone is also an Emmy nominated artiste/composer and works from her recording studio in Los Angeles

Broadcast quality remote recording via Source Connect



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