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A e    n e


the Music 

“Music is about emotion, it is about spirit, and rhythm, it is about the way a sound hits your heart,

it is about a return to the deepest part of yourself, it is about healing, it is about joy

it is about remembering that which has been forgotten,

it is about lifting us to a place above words. 

An expression of human experience.”   




Known for her haunting and beautiful ethereal vocals, Aeone has the ability to express deep emotion through her voice.  Whether it be within her individual style of wordless vocalizing, vocal sound design or through song – the purity of her voice reaches right to the heart.  Forging a unique path and a sound which is hers alone, Aeone also incorporates the voice in cinematic and layered soundscapes - her music is full of ambient grooves and elements of world and orchestral instruments that create a transporting and inspirational musical experience.

"In using my voice as an expressive instrument brings with it infinite possibilities of emotion and meaning.   It isn’t that the music itself is secondary because it's a huge part of the sound I create, but I often find it's when I bring my voice to the music, that everything makes sense and comes together.  I know where I’m going."

1. Run Home_No Lyrics.jpg


Love is the Healer

"Into this Life a mystery calls  

Be not in yourself afraid.

To each and every one the chance to fall

Don't give up along the way.

Be strong and wise - look for the prize

Love is the Healer of the brave ..."



"I started out in the UK as more of a singer songwriter in the fields of pop.   Somehow I always felt out of place as if I didn't belong, as if that wasn't really me.  It was when I moved to States that I discovered myself more deeply as an artiste.  I don't know if this was because you become more strongly identified with your mother country the further you get away from it - you know the missing of family, the country itself and nature or how it sits in your memory like some sort of deep recall but, it was from this greater distance that I was able to look at where I had come from, see a much bigger picture - a clearer sense of myself.   

Within this sort of cell memory was also a sound that resonated as something deeply authentic.  There was a sense of the Celt in there I'd always loved and known, but there was also something new, a discovery or understanding of how to take this sound and vision with it's ancient qualities and bring it forward into present time - to incorporate its essence in the music.   It didn't happen all at once but this was the seed of inspiration.  By following this thread - listening to the whispers, winnowing and honing through writing, through different projects, experimenting with sound and with my voice that I came to what I felt, was something truly my own."




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