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Sand Dunes
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A e    n e



Aeone was born in England and grew up on the south coast in Emsworth.  Part of her childhood was spent in the Far East living both in Singapore and Hong Kong.  Musical from an early age, it soon became clear that Aeone had an ability for composition along with a gift for singing and poetry.  For most of her teens, she attended King Edwards School, Witley, a school with a specialist music department. It was here that she studied voice along with piano, oboe and guitar. After leaving school she went on to study voice at a more advanced level at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, in London.

She comes from a creative and music-loving family, with ancestors on both sides who were professional pianists and opera singers.  With roots in the mystical English counties of Devon and Cornwall, as well as Wales, Scotland and France, it is not surprising that Aeone has a deep affinity with folk songs and Celtic music. And, although her early career successes took her more into the fields of pop music, it was to these Celtic roots that she returned in later years and where she has now found her true musical voice and sound.

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Aeone has forged a path and sound of her own by not compromising her artistic beliefs.  "My sense of it all is that in order for one's creativity to be received in the way it was meant it has to be authentic, it has to come from a place of truth - regardless of what others may think.  In staying true to yourself, by following the impulse and inspiration - the music then embodies all that you are in the deepest sense - a lighthouse beaming out a unique signal."  



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