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British-born artist and composer Aeone (pronounced Ay-own) is known for her rich, haunting style - bringing a sense of beauty and the grace of the Ancient into a contemporary musical setting.  Both Aeone's voice and music have not only been heard in countless film, television and album projects, but also in over seventy movie trailers including 'Inferno', 'Jurassic World', 'The Hobbit', 'The Long Walk Home', '300', 'The Last Samurai', 'Beowulf', 'The Best of Me', 'Tomb Raider' and 'Something's Gotta Give'.  In addition, she was the musical voice of TNT's Emmy Nominated 'The Mists of Avalon".  The soundtrack also includes her haunting song "I Will Remember You Still" - which she also performed and produced. 

A few of her film, tv and album credits include; "Orphan", "Wind Chill', "I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer", "The Black Donnelly's", "Witchblade", 'Hello-Good-bye' and The Discovery Channel.  And even on 'Keeping up with the Kardashians".   Four singles for the cult EDM band - IN FICTION".  "Sirenes-The Beauty of the Female Voice" and the song 'Somewhere" covered by multi-Grammy winner Rick Springfield.   In addition, she was also the voice of Tanya on the American Tail cd.

An award-winning artist, Aeone has released six critically acclaimed studio albums.  The title song of her release "Love is the Healer" topped the Soundcloud charts and received the 2015 Hollywood Music in Media award for Best New Age/Ambient.   Aeone - lives and works in Los Angeles and writes, produces and records music from her studio.

As a composer - Aeone has forged her own unique path and sound - often using her ability to express deep emotion through  her voice, fromo the ethral to the dark and haunting, set in pure atmospheric soundscapes.  At other times, she creates lush cinematic settings, layering vocals and ambient grooves, with world and orchestral elements.

As an artist - she weaves this unique, transporting sound into her songs and music - with stories that touch upon beauty and longing and the mysteries of life with a touch of the ancient Celt.  Music to awaken the heart.

2015 -  LOVE IS THE HEALER - Aeone's released her new album and uplifting videos on Palette Records - Produced by Aeone and long-time collaborator, Jeff Silverman  (who also mixed/mastered/engineered and co-wrote on a number of songs) to five star reviews.  The title track winning the HMMA award for Best New Age/Ambient 2015.  This beautifully crafted 10-song album brings Aeone's signature ethereal voice and sound with a touch of the ancient Celt together, in a cinematic blend of otherworldly pop and organic rhythms. Hypnotic and uplifting, the 10 songs follow a path of grace and beauty deep into the heart of love.    To see more go to Palette Records  

Praise for the Album :-

    "LOVE IS THE HEALER by AEONE may well be my pick for album of the year - this is inspirational music on levels unseen, but known to exist in our very souls.  It has been a while since I have heard an album that has touched so deeply."
 RJ Lannan - Zone Music Reporter (read full review)

    "A stunning new release from Aeone - LOVE IS THE HEALER is an impressive body of work, each track superb in its own unique right."   Russ Elliott - Musical Discoveries (read full review)

    "LOVE IS THE HEALER is the perfect combination, great production, great stage and above all an amazing voice." - Alexandro Clavilo - New Age Reviews


2016 - Aeone's music 'Incubus Rising' is featured in the trailer for Ron Howard's new film 'Inferno' - with Tom Hanks.

2016 - Aeone's song "Remembrance" from her Many Voices album is to be featured in director Spike Geilinger's new documentary "The Art Detectives" for BBC Channel 4.

2016 - Aeone's hauntingly beautiful 'Across the Water' from her "Many Voices' album was featured in new Canadian TV show 'Hello, Good-bye."

2016 - Aeone appears in cameo role in the new Justin Bieber video "Company".

2015 - "Dreaming" - Aeone' s beautiful collaboration with John Sponsler for Brand X was featured in the "Jurassic World' trailer campaign.   Featured on the Brand X - AMALGAMATE album - Listen on Itunes

2015 - "Shadowlands" from Aeone and fellow artist/composer Cato's Arcadium project was the end title music/song for 'Born in Battle' the multi-award winning film directed by Yangzom Brauen and also part of the trailer.

2015 - "Viking Battle" - Aeone's collaboration with the talented composer Justin Burnett was featured in the trailer for 'The Hobbit - The Battle of the Five Armies" - Warner Bros -  Fringe Elements Music

2015 - was invited to collaborate on music for Robert Leslie Bennett's new Glory, Oath and Blood album- BABYLON Z  (a Warner Chappell release) - a tour de force of otherworldly fantasy action adventure trailer cues.  Creating the unearthly  "Midrithum Horizon" with Danny McCarthy and the ethereal and dramatic "Mists of Bazaruto" with Mark Petrie.  Listen on Itunes

2015 - Spring and Fall.  Aeone released series one and two of ethereal haunting, dramatic horror voice cues for Creative Soundscapes - The Foundry catalogue.

2014 - Aeone started work on new album "Love is the Healer" for Palette Records - producing and co-writing songs with long-time collaborator Jeff Silverman for release in 2015.

2014 - Aeone returned to work with the inspirational and talented director Chris Dane Owens  on her beautiful new video and teaser trailer for up-coming album "Love is the Healer" edited by the wonderful Jennifer Barlow.  Shot in studio and on location in Los Angeles - the video also features amazing footage of Aeone on location in the English countryside filmed by documentary film maker Spike Geilinger.   

2014 - "Flight in Grace" was featured in theatrical trailer for 'The Best of Me' - Warner Bros Pictures - from Aeone's new release of ethereal vocal cues for Creative Sondscapes - The Foundry Catalogue.

2014 - Aeone wrote/produced and performed vocals on 'Beyond the Mist' for the hugely successful and talented EDM duo InFiction - Europa release.  Available on Itunes

2014 - "Remembrance" and "Of Poemes" from Aeone's Atmospheric album were featured in the opening sequence of the BBC 4 documentary "Easter Island - Mysteries of a Lost World " directed by Spike Geilinger.

2014 - Aeone wrote/produced and performed vocals on 'Final Revenge' for the amazing and hugely popular EDM duo INFICTION  - 'Calisteo' release - Available on Itunes

2014 - Aeone was the voice actor for all of the characters in "The Swapper" the atmospheric, multi award-winning video game  or walk through the game here.  

2013 - Aeone collaborated with the wonderful composer Robert Leslie Bennett on the opening titles and theme for the movie 'The Bad Guys' - directed by Carlose Rinconnes.

2013 - "Fire of Boadecea" from Arcadeum - Aeone's collaboration with fellow composer Cato was featured in the theatrical trailer for "A Long Walk Home" the Nelson Mandela story - The Weinstein Company.

2012-2014 - Aeone started a two year collaboration with the amazing duo INFICTION - supreme master of EDM!   Dan Asma and Dorian Oppenheimer.  Writing/producing and performing vocals for 3 singles 'When I'm With You', 'We Go On' and ' Give to Me' and songs for their full length release 'InFiction - When I'm with You', 'Europa' and 'Calisteo'.   All available on Itunes

2012 - Aeone released her 5 album 'Many Voices' along with a spectacular EPK video 'The Magickal Works' directed and produced by the incredible Chris Dane Owens and edited by the wonderful Jennifer Barlowe.  CDO and Jennifer Barlow also put together the beautiful video for Aeone's arrangement of 'Scarborough Fair' from Many Voices.

2012 - Aeone collaborated with composer John Sponsler for BrandX on two beautiful epic cues - 'Dreaming' and 'Illumination' for the BrandX Music release 'Amalgamate'.  Available on Itunes.   Aeone also brought music to the new BrandX music production library.

2011 - 'Shadowlands' from Arcadeum Aeone's collaboration with composer Cato was heard in the trailer for 'Ghostrider - Spirit of Vengeance" - Columbia Pictures starring Nicholas Cage - at ComicCon.

2011 - Aeone brught her voice to 'Extortion' and 'Days of Olds' for the BrandX Music - Volume 15 release.  Available on Itunes.

2011 - Aeone scored four book trailer for Whitley Strieber, author of international best seller and movie 'Communion' -  'Hybrids', 'The Key', 'Melody Burning' and 'Solving the Communion Enigma' .  The trailers were all directed by Chris Dane Owens.

2010 - Aeone music was the underscore for Transformational Psychic Medium ' Marla Frees's uplifting EPK directed by Chris Dane Owens and edited by Jennifer Barlow. 

2010 - Aeone worked with Southern California artist, poet and songwriter - Alden Marin and produced/performed and co-wrote 'This Feeling Stays', 'Matter of Minutes" and "Once in a Lifetime' for 'Renditions'.

2010 -Grammy Award winning artist and legend Rick Springfield's cover of 'Somewhere' cowritten with Jeff Silverman - is released on "From the Vault' (Frontiere Records) performed by Rick Springfield and produced by Jeff Silverman.  "Somewhere" is the only song to appear on the album not penned by Springfield.

Spring 2009 - Aeone finished work on her Atmospheric project (www.aeone.com/music/) which comprise of short cinematic set-up pieces that create an ambience and mood specifically for use in film and tv.  Using pure single vocals, along with backwards vocals, eq’d& filtered effects or layered vocals against atmospheric backgrounds of drones, or percussion or musical beds – Aeone evokes moods that are sometimes beautiful and uplifting, some dark, dramatic and haunting, or strange and otherworldly.   Now available on itunes..

July 2009 - Aeone brings her voice to the amazing John Ottman’s end title sequence for ghostly horror movie “Orphan” directed by JaumeCollet-Serra. 

Fall 2008 - Aeone partnered with Norwegian composer Cato to begin work on Arcadeuma unique project that blends their different styles of dark electronica and the mystical ethereal.   She also collaborated with the talented Dan Asma (co-owner Buddha Jones trailer house) on his new album project blending her otherworldy musical sensibility with his dance grooves.  Aeone produced/arranged and performed guest vocals on 'Carpe Diem for New Age instrumental artiste KoriCarruther’s new album – Trillium

Spring 2008 brought Aeone’s voice to Miriam Cutler’s vocal driven score for the film
“A Powerful Noise” for the C.A.R.E. Organisation.  This moving documentary that follows
the life of three courageous and inspiring women from different countries was released worldwide and received standing ovations at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York.

Also released in 2008, her ever-popular Indira was part of Neurodisc’s compilation cd – Sirenes – The Beauty of the Female Voice

In the world of movie trailer advertising – Aeone’s music and voice have been an integral part of over 50 successful campaigns.     Her warrior-like “Heroika” was pivotal in the campaign of the blockbuster movie ‘300(Warner Bros) – directed by Zack Snyder and starring Gerard Butler (“Phantom of the Opera”) and Lena Headey.

Her beautiful rhythmic The Imagining was part of the Beowulf” tv campaign and “Lamentoso” written with Rob Bennett was the corner stone of the trailer for “Slipstream starring Anthony Hopkins.

Aeone had three songs featured on the critically acclaimed NBC television series The Black Donnellys”, Created by Oscar winning writer and director Paul Haggis (Crash, Million Dollar Baby, Flags of our Fathers) and writer Robert Moresco.   Aeone’s hauntingly moving song – a lament entitled “Across the Water – was used as an integral part of Episode 4, The World Will Break your Heart.  Others songs featured were Indira and Miracle .

Aeone’s voice was also heard in her otherworldly arrangement of Silent Night in the soundtrack for the ghostly thriller “Wind Chill – featuring Oscar nominated Emily Blunt (“The Devil Wears Prada”) and Ashton Holmes.   In addition, she was part of the choir for John Ottman’s “Fantastic Four 2" score.

Aeone has built up a following of thousands of fans through her intriguing website.  Her last album ‘Point of Faith was critically acclaimed.  Reviewers describe the album as
            “ more than compelling.  Point of Faith is complex and powerful while ethereal and haunting..”
            “Aeone has written, composed, arranged and produced a tidal wave of beautifully crafted contemporary music for the mystical half of our hearts and souls.”

Aeone has just re-released a re-mastered version of her first US album “Window to a World” (www.palettemusic.net/index2.html) initially released in 1991 and produced by Jeff Silverman. (www.palettemusic.net) to which two new songs from the back catalogue have been added.

            “This was the beginning of an amazing creative musical journey and so interesting to re-release it and show where I began.  Although my music has shifted, changed and evolved in many different ways – the seed was planted in this album and it is from this seed that my sound as an artiste today grew.”

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Over the years, Aeone has received an enormous amount of interest from industry, radio, film and reviewers, with over 1,000,000 downloads at MP3.com in its heyday alone.  For example, the title track from her widely popular cdThe Woman’s Touch– which was released solely through the internet – reached #3 in the mp3 Weekly Chart and topped the Adult Alternative chart for almost the whole of 2000.  “Message in My Hearttopped the Pop Chart and Celtic Chart, and “Hands of Love also reached #1 in Celtic

In other areas. Aeone brought her unique vocal sound to the score of TNT’s 4-hour Emmy-nominated mini-series. “The Mists of Avalon (www.aeone.com/Pages/mistsmain.html)  Her otherworldly and beautifully crafted vocals ranged from mystical ethereal to emotional pagan keening and can be heard throughout this epic tale.  The score and Aeone’s voice can also be heard on the soundtrack available on the Varese Sarabande label.  The soundtrack also includes the haunting song, I Will Remember You Still – produced and performed by Aeone – inspired by both the legends of Avalon and Lee Holdridge’s moving score.

More recently she has moved into scoring, writing the music for the Spy Girls promo and pilot for Universal/USA Team Knight Rider spin-off, and has been particularly successful in the world of motion picture advertising where her music and voice have been integral to the marketing campaigns of many movies including: The Guardian, The Holiday, Flight Plan, Swimming Upstream, Man on Fire, Van Helsing, Something’s Gotta Give, The Last Samurai, 13 going on 30, The Hulk, Tupac Resurrection, Tomb Raider, Legally Blonde 2, Rabbit Proof Fence, The Medallion, Enough, Boat Trip, The Messenger, John Q, Behind Enemy Lines, The Shipping News, Life or Something Like It,  Showtime, Rat Race, Finding Forrester, Saving Silverman, Lucky Numbers, Lovers of the Arctic Circle, One Night At McCool’s, At First Sight, Down to Earth, Instinct and Disturbing Behavior.

A beautiful project called Audio Poetry”, written and produced with co-composers Starr Parodi and Jeff Fair, (www.parodifair.com) has also been highly successful and has licensed into numerous different movie trailers, promos and tv.

Aeone’s music has also been pivotal to the multi-million dollar campaign to regenerate the Etowah River in Canton, Georgia as well as being used in the Ansari X Prize Independent Space Ship Launch.

In addition to releasing her own albums, British-born Aeone’swork has been used in both film and tv including: Witchblade, Extreme Makeover, “Brother Sun, Sister Moon” - Discovery, “Sharks, the Silent Killers” – Discovery, “Global Villagers – Socan, and NBC’s long running Soap Opera Santa Barbara.  Her music has been recorded by artists such as Rick Springfield and Shari Belafonte.  And Aeone was also the voice of “Tanya’ for “The American Tail” cd.

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