Welcome to THE JOURNEY

This was the original incarnation of the website, conceived in the mid-90's by Aeone and realised by Aeone, photographer Sonia Keshesian and webdesigner Paca Thomas.

This portion of the current site was created in its entirety using HTML and Java scripting languages, the only creative web design tools available at the time of its conception. To our knowledge, it is unique in its exploitation of these tools, making extensive use of photographs, animation and effects, as well as streaming audio via RealPlayer, the defacto audio software at the time. Also, due to the lack of broadband service back in the 90's, a cache-frame method was developed to "preload" large picture files, easing the wait-time of guests on old 33kBs dialup systems. (This is one such cache that you are in currently!)

It is crude by the rest of the site's standards - the newer portions benefitting from the prodigious powers of Macromedia's Flash - but we believe it has not lost its impact as an artistic experience, as it was so heartfelt in its creation. We hope you enjoy THE JOURNEY.

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